Redirecting Meeting Invitations to M+Google

With the move to M+Google, the recommended calendaring system for the College of Engineering is the M+Google calendar. Due to sensitive regulated data concerns, however, some faculty and staff in the College still use the U-M Microsoft Exchange server for their email. For these individuals, meeting invitations are delivered to their Exchange mailbox by default. In order to accept an invitation and add it to their M+Google calendar, these individuals must create a rule in their Exchange account to forward meeting invitations to their M+Google mailbox.

These instructions should be followed for individuals who still use Exchange for their email, but wish to use their M+Google account for calendaring. Once completed, all meeting invitations or updates will be forwarded to their M+Google mailbox, where they can be accepted and placed on their M+Google calendar.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click the Rules icon in the menu bar, and choose Manage Rules & Alerts...
  3. Click the New Rule... button.
  4. Choose Apply rule on messages I receive.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Check the box for which is a meeting invitation or update.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Check the box for forward it to people or public group.
  9. Click people or public in the rule description box to define the address to receive the forwarded meeting invitation. To forward invitations to your M+Google mailbox, use the email address format, where uniqname is your U-M uniqname.
  10. Click Next, then Finish.

Meeting invitations will now be redirected to your M+Google mailbox. You will need to login to your M+Google mailbox to accept or deny meeting requests. To access your M+Google mailbox, go to To access your M+Google Calendar, go to

Note that copies of meeting invitations will still be delivered to your Exchange mailbox. These can simply be deleted.